The EP is HERE!!!

Hey everyone! Matt here, bass player for Ex-Nihilo. I am going to start blogging on our website once a week so be sure to subscribe, as you never know what I am going to write about next! First off, our EP is officially released!album-cover-1

You can find it on Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music and all the other major music sites! On behalf of the whole band we wanted to thank everyone who came out to our EP Release Show on Nov 12! The turnout was way beyond what we could have expected and you all made it a night none of us will ever forget – easily the best crowd we’ve ever played in front of.crowd-selfie When we started planning the show months ago we had a list of bands we wanted to be a part of it and we were really happy that we got 3 bands that we are fans of as musicians and people, so we also want to thank Danger Scene, Room & Board, and Shiny Penny for joining us in making the whole night amazing. That being said, our next show is not too far away! On Dec 16th, less than two weeks from Christmas, we are going to have a special free show at Kitamu Coffee in Hilliard! We played there once before and it was one of the most fun shows we’ve played to date, but this one is going to be especially exciting for a number of reasons:
The Lineup – this show is going to be multi-genred: From Hiphop/R&B duo “SoGrande”, to folk out-of-towners “Jordan Allen & The Bellwethers”, to indie artists “The Castros”, so there will be something for everyone!
Ugly Sweaters – With Christmas being right around the corner we decided we wanted to have some holiday fun with this show. So while having an ugly Christmas sweater is not required, the person we deem to have the ugliest sweater will win something cool from us!
Decorations – We are going to decorate Kitamu with Christmas lights
Charity Organization – We are planning on doing a food/clothing drive for the show, more information on that to follow
Christmas Songs – Maybe – just maybe – we will be doing a Christmas song or two 😉

We are so excited to be able to continue to sing with everyone! Hope to see you at Kitamu Coffee on Dec 16! I’ll be back next Monday!


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