20 Facts about the Band!

Hey everyone, sorry there was no blog last week, it was my birthday! Today will be a light-hearted “20 fun facts” about the members of Ex-Nihilo. So let’s get started!

1) Austin sings and plays keys, David is our drummer, Josh and Joel are our two guitar players, and I play bass – collectively we are Ex-Nihilo

2) Both me and David have the same favorite movie “The Prestige”!

3) There is only one band that all 5 of us are fans of, and that would be Switchfoot!

4) Josh, Austin, and I all have a parent that is a pastor!

5) We have played six shows so far, all within Ohio, and half of those shows were with a band from Indiana called Shiny Penny!

6) Austin was the youngest member of the band until Joel joined. We called Austin “the baby of the band” and now we call Joel “The Kid”

7) I have technically been in 4 bands and have been the one to book the vast majority of the shows I have played with all of them.

8) The furthest we have traveled for any event as a band is Texas, and we’ve been there twice – once for SXSW and once for Springboard South

9) David always brings his drip coffee maker whenever he travels anywhere

10) The majority of us played together as Crimson Divide at some point or another before we started playing with each other as Ex-Nihilo!

11) Sorry girls, Josh is married!

12) On the other hand, the rest of us are single!

13) We have a manager named Todd Church, sometimes he says crazy things that we have dubbed as “Toddisms”

14) David is the engineer of the band – he created our custom keyboard, he builds pedals, and is pretty inventive when it comes to making things for the band.

15) Joel is the financially guru of the band

16) We are playing our first out-of-state show on Dec 17 in Indianapolis

17) I am a huge soccer fan. The teams I support include: Columbus Crew SC, Manchester United, The US Men’s National Team, Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, and soon Atlanta United FC will be my secondary MLS team (after Columbus of course).

18) Austin and I have known eachother for over a decade but only started playing music together regularly over the past year or two.

19) We are working on writing between 20-30 new songs that we will cut down to 4-5 for a new EP that we are hoping to release by the end of 2017.

20) Austin writes the majority of our songs!

So there you go! 20 random facts about us!

Share a fact or two about yourself with us by commenting below!!

Thanks guys and we hope to see you at Kitamu Coffee in Hilliard, OH on the 16th!!

— Matt —


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