Mondays with MaaaAustin??

Hey everyone! Excited to be back blogging again. On behalf of the rest of the band, we hope that you all had a fun and safe holidays


           Lot of fun and exciting things happening this year for us. We have a couple big shows coming up and were currently writing new material for another EP. On February 10, we are playing a show with Graceful Closure, Captain Kidd and Come Wind at the Basement here in Columbus. If you are able to come out, let one of us know. We are currently selling tickets for the show at $10 a piece. This year, we really want to make it a point to extend our appreciation towards you. THE FANS! Seriously, you are all the reason we are able to keep this dream alive. We love that you care about this band and your support means the world to us. 2            Our show with Graceful Closure is one we are all anxiously looking forward to. Right now, they have a song called “Unknown Land” that is currently getting lots of airplay on RadioU. We love their music and that song, in particular, speaks volumes for us. In that song, Jared, the lead singer and lyricist, describes the feeling of soul searching to that of being lost at sea. When life brings about uncertainty and struggles, it is “like a shipwreck, shored on an unknown land.” As a band, we have often struggled with doubts about our future. Are we making the right choices? Is this something that we can keep working towards or should we stop playing? The song got us thinking and our lead singer, Austin, decided to do a cover of it and add his own style. We included a link to the song below. Feel free to check it out!

Once again, it has been an incredible couple years playing music for you and to anyone who supports us. Hopefully together, we can make this year the best yet! Here’s to you guys!

– Matt


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