Choices are just…Tough

The show this past Friday was so much fun. We sold 51 presales and between the four bands we ended up getting 260+ people into the venue! We want to give a HUGE shout out to Graceful Closure for allowing us to share the stage with them as well as Come Wind and Captain Kidd.










This show was bittersweet though – on one hand this was the biggest show we have done to date, but on other hand it was the last show with us for Josh. It was particularly sad for me because when I moved back to Columbus, Josh was the first person I wrote a song with. It started to actually feel like I could make this music thing work when we started up Crimson Divide four years ago. We have gone through some changes over the past year but we are not a group of guys that would let that slow us down. Josh will always be a close friend and brother of the band.

Last night I had a decision to make. Watch Elimination Chamber or watch the Grammys. I chose WWE because, well – I am a big WWE fan. Bet you didn’t know that about me. It was fun and I won’t bore you with details but I enjoyed the outcome very much but I decided I could just watch the Grammy recaps today, so I did and there were a few things that stuck out to me.

Twenty One Pilots won a Grammy! As my pastor puts it “Everyone in Columbus has a Twenty One Pilots story.” Mine was an interesting one. I used to work at LifeWay Bookstores years ago and before I moved away my car broke down and I ended up buying a car off of one 1of my co-workers. The day I moved to Canton I went to put a CD in the car and noticed there was one left in there. It ended up being TOP’s self-titled album from 2009. As I listened to it I couldn’t decide if this was some sort of joke band or not because his strange voice, some interesting songs like “The Pantaloon” and “Fall Away”, and I just had never heard anything like it. My friend Christina and I had made fun of a lot of the songs for a while until they suddenly started to speak to me. I also really enjoyed Chance the Rapper. I have only heard a few things from Chance the Rapper but I have heard a lot of good reviews about him over the past year or two. His performance was very cool. I enjoyed the fact that he basically made his performance into a time of worship. Especially in a secular environment like the Grammy’s its cool to see someone not ashamed to do something like that.

Both of these performers have a pretty cool background in that they both are very involved in self-promotion and grass-roots movements when it came to them getting more recognition. Twenty One Pilots started off as a small band in Columbus playing in front of a couple dozen people, gained thousands of fans along the way and are now selling out arenas. Chance the Rapper has never sold an album and now has a Grammy! These kinds of performers make me excited for our own future. We work hard and I think we are slowly but surely starting to gain some traction in Columbus. As Tyler Joseph said in his acceptance speech, “Anyone from anywhere can do anything”. We believe that includes us, and that includes you too! If you like what we are doing be sure to share it with people you know, bring people out to our shows, and rock our merchandise! Our next show is Feb 24th at Victory’s in Columbus! See you then!

— Matt —




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